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Flopac and Tecnicas Reunidas, S.A. – Madrid

  • Nov 26 / 2013
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Flopac and Tecnicas Reunidas, S.A. – Madrid


Flopac is ready to step it up to a new level; we signed an agreement with TECNICAS REUNIDAS, S.A. – Madrid for a most challenging job on API plan 54 forced seal liquid circulation units; the two largest units in Flopac’s existence.

How did the project come to Flopac?
June 2011 we received the first enquiries for similar seal oil packages on the same project, but via Korean Engineering contractors:

  • Daelim Engineering & Construction
  • SK Engineering & Construction

Both SKEC and Daelim were impressed by the know-how and capabilities within the Flopac organisation but, unfortunately, strict budgets forced them to look for other solutions. SKEC did award Flopac with some smaller portions of the contract though, like the design and construction of an accumulator package.

May 2012, we were contacted by TECNICAS REUNIDAS, S.A., looking for similar packages as we’d offered to Daelim and SKEC. One of the contract parties recommended Flopac for their know-how and capabilities in the line of engineered seal flushing units and make-up units. Likely the result of the great performance and good impression Flopac made with the Korean Engineering contractors.

August 2012 Flopac and TECNICAS REUNIDAS, S.A. came to an agreement. A much-appreciated agreement since the involvement of high-profile clients like Saudi Aramco, Sinopec and Tecnicas Reunidas gave us all the opportunity and exposure to successfully present ourselves as the specialist company we are. To our clients and beyond.

What is it that Flopac is manufacturing?

Two off seal oil feed packages in accordance with the API 614, API 682 and project’s specifications. These packages are designed to supply high-pressure seal oil feeds of respectively 41 m3/h and 19 m3/h while serving a great many dual mechanical seals, over 40 critical API 610 process pumps. Each console includes Seal oil storage tanks, duplex Shell & Tube heat exchangers, API 676 main and stand-by triple spindle pumps, duplex filter units and all the necessary controls and instrumentation. Needless to say, all this has to be documented in an impressive amount of engineering documents.


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