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  • Feb 05 / 2014
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Flopac.com! Completely renewed.


Completely renewed!
Some might remember, we started our company with www.hpsbv.nl. A lot of things have happened since then. We have grown in size, experience, connections and passion. Back then, the company was called HPS (Holland Process Service) and our product was called Flo-Pac. That was a bit confusing, so we decided to continue our company with the name Flopac. A new name and therefore we also needed a new website, we brought www.flopac.nl to life and gave it a completely new look and feel. …Continue Reading

  • Nov 26 / 2013
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Flopac and Tecnicas Reunidas, S.A. – Madrid


Flopac is ready to step it up to a new level; we signed an agreement with TECNICAS REUNIDAS, S.A. – Madrid for a most challenging job on API plan 54 forced seal liquid circulation units; the two largest units in Flopac’s existence.

How did the project come to Flopac?
June 2011 we received the first enquiries for similar seal oil packages on the same project, but via Korean Engineering contractors: