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Standard model:
• Design ASME VIII, div. 1/ not-stamped and/or PED 97/23/EC for EC Member states.
• Max. allowable working pressure 40 bar(g) @ 90°C.
• Volume 28 L.
• All (wetted) materials stainless steel AISI 316(L).
• Pressure indicator 100mm dial size complete with block and bleed valve.
• Weld-on level gauge – type: Reflex

• 100% Liquid Penetrant Examination, RE-Spot
• Pressure alarm high Eex(ia)/Eex(d)
• Level alarm Low
• Level alarm High
• Temperature indicator c/w thermowell dial size 100mm – range -20°C / 120°C.
• Water-cooler up to 1250 Watts (*2) (intern. cooling coil)
• Micropac hand refill pumps, 1 p/system, in various sizes and materials or a mobile refill unit for multiple systems.
• Support package
• Lay-out in line with fig. G-28 of the API 682, with flanged bottom
• Many more options as to materials, cooling types, alarms, safety and process valves etc. available.
Please contact our applications department with your requirements.

Flopac model no SPA-520 SPA-526 SPA-528 SPA-529
Volume 15L 15L 28L 28L
Nominal cooling capacity 850W 850W 1250W 1250W
For shaft size < 60mm < 60mm < 60mm < 60mm
Specifics Low Cost Basic Std.API Std.API ??





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