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Product Description

Standard model:

•     Design ASME VIII, div. 1/ not stamped and/or PED 97/23/EC for EC member states.
•     Max. allowableworking pressure 40 Barg @ 90°C
•     Client termination points flanged ANSI B16.5 – 300#
•     All (wetted) materials AISI 316(L)
•     Cooler type CNA-100, nominal capacity 850 Watt (*1)
•     Temperature indicator (skin type) dial size 100mm –range -20°C / 120°C.
•     Fully supported package.

Options :
•     100% Liquid Penetrant Examination
•     10% Radiographic examination
•     Pressure indicator – dial size 100mm – completewith stainless steel block and bleed valve.
•     Thermowell (Flanged) Mounted temp indicator.
•     See cooling section for optional coolers
•     Loads up to nominal 12 kW (*1)
•     Y-type stainer¾”SW – mesh 100 Aisi 316(L) or
•     Magnetic strainer¾”, Flopac® AMS – AISI 316(L).
•     Drain connectionwith block valve.
•     Or other fileter types
•     A flanged restriction orificewith tab i.a.w. S32.114B

(*1) higher cooling capacities up to 12kw availible.
Many more options as to (Nace) materials, cooling types, alarms, safety and process valves etc. available. Please contact our applications department with your requirements.



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