HMS 50/4

Our most versatile mobile make-up/topping unit for refilling operations with (non-) pressurised seal flushing systems. The mobility of these refill units will let you charge multiple seal flushing systems with a single make-up unit, reducing cost and service needs. Also these units can carry higher volumes to extend your service range. The addition of a towbar would let these unit travel even greater distances.  Should you prefer fixed units for integration within each sealing system separately, kindly refer to our range of HMF refill units.


Standard configuration

A high-quality stainless steel Micropac® robust and compact hand pump with:

  • A striking stroke capacity of 75cc that reduces refill time to an absolute minimum
  • A hard chrome plated stainless steel piston rod for a long and reliable service life
  • A stainless steel liquid reservoir, 50 L
  • Fitted to a coated carbon steel steerable 4-wheel trolley with brake facility
  • Any pressure capability up to 200 bar (std.= 40 bar)
  • Complete with a 3 mtr. high pressure hose and SS high pressure quick connector
  • Complete with a stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Complete with an overload protection valve
  • Complete with a pressure release valve

      HMS / Ordering code

      HMS  –  V /4  –  MC – P
      (HMS is code for the basic equipment)

      Material configuration options:


      V = seal liquid reservoir volume in L.:

      10 20 50(*1) (V is standard followed by /4)


      MC = Material Configuration

      W Anodised alloy for mineral oils and water
      SW Stainless steel / bronze for mineral oils,
      water and most other liquids


      P = maximum charge pressure in barg(*2):

      16, 25, 40, 60, 100, 160, 200

      (*1): Volumes in excess of 30 L. are difficult to move by muscle power alone unless used on rather clean, flat and hard-surfaced pavements. Otherwise you may consider a towbar for motorised mobility.    

      (*2): select a pressure range that is ≥20% above the desired charging pressure. For example: you need to charge to 28 barg which defines a requirement of plus 20%, is 33.6 barg, Select 40. 

      For example

      The ordering code HMS-50/4-SW-40 specifies a versatile mobile HMS make-up/refill unit with a 50L stainless steel 316 reservoir fitted onto a steerable 4 wheel trolley. The wetted parts mainly use stainless steel 316 materials. The unit offers a nominal pressure capacity of 40 barg, best selected for a maximum operational pressure of 32 barg.



      Unit can be automated using an air driven pump for ease of operation


      Soft parts in EPDM or Viton available on request.


      Level gauge i.s.o. dipstick


      Other charging connections (flanges etc.) available on request


      ATEX certification if and as needed


      A Flopac SG-5A oil sampler to analyze oil quality and water presence


      A special drain valve assembly to ease reservoir draining

      Please contact Flopac for a more detailed advise on all topics related to Flopac® make-up, refill & topping-up units. We will gladly assist.

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